Being Human.

Resistance is futile, so says Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek.

Really? Not in my family. There is always resistance in our family.

I can’t say more about the ongoing resistance. I’m spent. No more energy left to even write about it.

I was driving home, having won a battle but lost the war, and as I wail over the tough job of being a modern day parent, I asked and answered myself why we are doing all this in the face of resistance.

Why? I don’t know why. At the end of the day, all I really, truly want, and really, truly care for is to have good kids. To produce children who are kind in heart, with good ethics, who care about themselves and the world. I just want our kids to be good. If I can strip everything away, that is all I want our kids to become. Everything else will follow. And if not, it’s fine because karma will follow and good people will attract community of good to help them out.

I don’t need for our children to be the smartest, richest, most successful, in the most elitest status. I don’t need that. They don’t need that. At the end of the day, when judgement comes, when they end their lives, they will ask themselves, have I been good? Have I loved and have I been loved? That is what will make them happy. That is what will keep them safe. That is what will help them get far ahead.

So why am I having to drive them around to activities, be in this mad rush of scheduler, planner, executor, and disciplinarian for these endless activities that they resist just for the sake of resisting? Why do I wreck my brains out, tear my heart to pieces, face the bl0ws, to push them harder and harder into things that make them smarter, more primed for success, prepped to be members of elite world, while sacrificing my sanity, their sanity, our morals, our relationships?

I rather simply teach them simple responsibility between parent and child, responsibility between human to human, respect and appreciation of each other’s souls and hearts, recognition and acknowledgement of each other’s efforts to care, build their self respect through confidence, expectations, and ethics. That, to me, is what a parent can teach the child the most. Our values. Everything else, it can be delegated, and there are systems to cary out those tasks. But values – only parents and family, can intimately teach them to the children. What are we as humans if we don’t have basic humane values?

Word up, word out, lay low my mothas.


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