something different: a poem


microwave radiation creates havoc
mr orange man had a little too much
i can see him jerk and twerk
and then go berserk

we have an orange tree in our backyard
an acre of land across from honey orange farm
my son’s zippy the turtle has orange spots on its shell
it’s actually brown and he insists that it’s orange
but then he is only seven

my daughter said the sky was white when it was blue
little kids see colors differently
it is not because they are blind

i’ve had questions asked at me about
why is the black man on the street asking for money
and will my best friend be kicked out of the country?
and i always wonder why both my kids’ best friends are asians

the annoying orange on youtube is orange
colors are funny like that
maybe too much radiation behind the screen

colors are funny
like as in strange
in the 2010 census form
the question asked the race of my kids
i checked off asian, filled in burmese
then it came time to check off white
so strange to think of my children
born of this brown skin woman as white

white isn’t a race, it’s a color
it’s a color of privilege
and my kids born of me, this brown skin woman
be white. so foreign to me.

how can beings who are
half clone of this brown skin woman
be white? i may as well be blue

or orange.
i may as well be a microwave.


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